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THE ENIGMA OF BRUNO S. | By RUMSEY TAYLOR | New York on July 17, 2004 | in: Not Coming to a Theater Near You | On the set of his 1977 remake of Nosferatu, director Werner Herzog instructs several crewmembers — on board a boat — to arrange the ship’s heavy stock although the camera is not rolling. Shortly after, unbeknownst to much of his crew, Herzog silently gestures “Action.” When asked about this directorial practice, Herzog comments: “Extras always look like extras, but this way they look like people who work.  more

FROM BERLIN’S HOLE OF FORGOTTENNESS, A SPELL OF SONGS | By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN | New York 2008 | BERLIN: The other evening Bruno S. sang at an old bar here called the Stadtklause, a cozy wood-paneled dive near the remains of the Anhalter Bahnhof, the grand railway station torn down after the war. Franz-Josef Göbel, who runs the place, invited Bruno a couple of years ago to come sing whenever he felt up to it, not for money, just to have a place to go, and since then Bruno has stopped by on the odd night.  more

BRUNO S., STREET MUSICIAN TURNED LEAD ACTOR IN HERZOG CLASSICS, DIES AT 78 | By DOUGLAS MARTIN | New York Times on August 15, 2010 | He wrote songs and sang them on the streets of Berlin. One told of a poor boy who grows up wishing for a little horse. The horse arrives years later pulling his mother’s hearse. The man who sang it in a croaky voice, accompanying himself on the accordion and glockenspiel, was known as Bruno S. He was a street musician, a painter of pictures, a forklift operator in a steel mill and, at one time, a mental patient. But, perhaps most remarkably, he was the lead actor in a movie that won the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes International Film Festival in 1975. He died Wednesday at the age of 78 in Berlin.  more

A great urban inconveniencer | By Nicole Delmes, Susanne Zander (eds.) Rebhandl, in: Berliner Zeitung on May 24, 2020 | Raised in the Wittenau sanatorium and always at home on the fringes in the middle of Berlin, musician and artist Bruno Schleinstein was an inspiration to Oscar winner Elliott Smith and played Kaspar Hauser to Werner Herzog. Now a worthy book has been published. more